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This group is available as a solo act (for smaller venues) but primarily is a Duo or a Trio.  encompasses a combination of instruments, Piano, Congas, Maracas, Guiro Percussion & Vocals with harmonies, as well as full salsa backing track orchestration.

All the musicians are from Havana City, in Cuba, and are currently living in Spain, bringing Cuban-influenced music to the coast! They are one of the most popular acts with many prestigious Hotels & beach bars in the Marbella area, such as the Don Carlos, Gran Melia Don Pepe, Heaven Beach, Andalucia Plaza Hotel, Olivia Valere, Tanino Restaurant etc.

Having played music for over 20 years, individually they have worked with many leading Cuban bands & Salsa orchestras, around prestigious venues in Cuba, and across the globe, having also individually played & toured in Mexico, Russia, Gibraltar, Italy, Panama & Spain over the years!

This music is made for dancing!! Playing Latin rhythms, such styles as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha & others, & singing some of the famous traditional Cuban songs, as well as Latin-American dance styles. Some of this music is not only famous in the Caribbean, but is also popular worldwide for both ‘salsa’ dancing or listening, with famous tracks such as “Guantanamera” & “Oye Como Va”.

Salsa Show is perfect for any event looking for a “latin flavor”, such as a party, wedding, Salsa school, nightclub or bar, to get the dance floor moving... ‘Club Havana’ brings you the flavor of the Caribbean......

...........¡¡Mmm Sabroso!! ¡¡Salsa Show...!!